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I made this website due to many homework submissions incorrectly doing exercises or moving onto further lessons without completing previous ones. I looked back at source information on and realized exercises were not always easy for begineers. This website attempts to explain concepts that I believe could be expanded upon for people new to drawing. I learned drawing from many resources and I am still new to drawing. I hope my examples can help other people learn. I attempt to cite everything back to their original source. Shoutout to Uncomfortable aka Irshad Karim aka the creator of Drawabox. I didn't know I had aphantasia until he talked about it. He is a big inspiration of mine.

I also am the creator of Drawesome 🎞️ as apart of my efforts to help people learn to draw. The issue is most people don't know how to practice or even how to ask. I want to fix that problem and offer any advice I can. This website would not be possible without the feedback of my Mom and Dad and their overall support. I also wanted to thank my Uncle Larry for helping me establish an LLC "Lars Barnabee LLC". It is so confusing! Without his help, none of this would be possible. In addition to Drawesome 🎞️, I wanted to dedicate this website in loving memory of my Grandpa. Without my grandpa, I wouldn't have been the squeaky wheel to go as far as I did to make my website and Drawesome costs me $18.99 a year for the domain so I am losing money each year keeping this site afloat. Drawesome will be free forever. Even if I could afford to code sign, I don't think I would. It is another hefty yearly cost that just doesn't make sense for me to do. Code signing would require another yearly fee of $300 - $400 dollars for Microsoft and Apple. I could really use any and all support Regarding cost, I didn't mention the many hours of coding, user testing that went into creating Drawesome 🎞️ It takes a long time to create a program. I really appreciate my patrons or those who buy me a coffee.

I built this website using html, css, js, git, github, gulp, and some sass sadly. I made my own custom build process to put together html templates and partials.

Sidenote: I use Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager with this website. I use that to see the results of my efforts. Javascript is not required to use this website, but I attempted to make features more convenient for you with Javascript. I also use Twemoji Icons and Icons8 icons so Emoji's show up no matter what operating system and web browser you use to view my website. Drawesome does not collect user data. A support link has utm to tell whether a user landed on my support page from my Drawesome application.

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