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Do you want to learn how to draw ✍️ Start here 😃

I am Lars Barnabee 🐝 and I am learning to draw. I try to write information and make videos to share what I learned while drawing. I am also a bit of a software engineer, and I make apps that I think are needed by digital artists. I originally made these apps for myself, but I went to great lengths to make it for every artist. I failed drawing in 2018 and rose from my burnt out ashes in 2019 to try again.

To give a timeframe, I started lesson one in September of 2019 and completed it in August of 2021. Starting out, helped me to think in 3D. You can check out my Drawabox Profile Seeing the drawabox course to completion was a big goal of mine. I made a review of the course and it can be found by watching my Drawabox 📦 Review here *Opens in a new tab via YouTube.

I did nothing but drawabox exercises to the point that I stopped drawing for fun to complete the course. Please try to balance practice and fun, the two can even go hand in hand. I am also the creator of Drawesome 🎞️ which is a slideshow application to help those who draw Download Drawesome 🎞️ Here.

Interested in following what I do? Sign up here 📧 for updates on my work.

Update 11/13/2023 - Focusing on making videos as well as drawing tradionally a lot more. I still plan to write more articles. But I want to release truly helpful information. See my YouTube channel here as I post what I do a lot more regularly there.

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