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Learn to draw when broke video

You can make a copy of the Art Bible 📒 Google Doc Template here to start. Please do not request edit access from me. Instead just make a copy of the document for yourself. Basically, it is your own personal knowledge base. Whether you need to create recipes for certain colors, or hard to remember instructions. To be honest, I think it is a bad to try to remember every obscure receipt off the top of your head. Using reference is not a bad thing. But always strive for good drawing and art skills. You may not want to print the individual pages of your art bible yet until you refine it a lot. When you are ready, I suggest you put it wihtin a 3-ring binder 📒 with plastic sleeves. You can get it from any office supply store or the internet.

I highly recommend you keep frequently downloaded copies like a pdf or .docx of your Art Bible on your computer, email it to yourself. And keep a printed copy in a 3-ring binder within plastic sleeves. Store your physical art bible in an area that is not humid/moist. And away from direct sunlight. Possibly you may want to add/remove content to your art bible, so it is great to have an online copy to work from. Better yet, you can print the specific pages you want to update to place in your physical copy.

I believe keeping your own art bible is important to your artistic journey.

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