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Before you report a bug in my software, please do the following:

  1. Title your email heading with "Bug 🐛 Report"
  2. Include any and all screenshots in the email
  3. Attempt to replicate the bug multiple times following the exact steps you took
  4. Tell me the operating system you are using. This app was tested on Mac Darwin and Windows 10
  5. Windows Users - Did you uninstall previous versions of drawesome before installing Drawesome again?
  6. Windows Users - Did you try uninstalling then trying the ia32 or vice-versa x64 version?
  7. If you found a translation language issue, I can always use help translating my app to multiple languages. I just used google translate to accomplish these changes. Please include in your heading "Translator 🗣️ Help" to differentiate this from a "Bug 🐛 Report"
  8. My app was made in a specific way. I included way more features than I should have. I am a bit hesitant adding more features to this application
  9. Move 🚚 Mode not working? Did your antivirus software prevent it from running? Are you the administrator of your computer? Do you only have one version of Drawesome installed?
  10. Please make sure you read the appropriate steps above. You can email me at larsbarnabee(at) 📧 Please replace the (at) with @ when you actually email me.

For all other queries, please email me at larsbarnabee(at) 📧 Please replace the (at) with @ when you actually email me. I do this in an attempt to avoid spam. If I did not cite a piece of work, miscited, explained a concept unclearly, or you found a broken link on my website, please contact me today. Please include the webpage link, your question, and who should be credited. If you are a patron and I left you out by mistake, please title the email with "Supporter missing". Thank you! I check my email once a day. This is due to the high volume of emails I receive. This is so that I can set dedicated time for answering them.

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