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Drawesome 2

Drawesome 2 drawesome 2 logo is a slideshow application you can use right next to on your digital drawing tablet

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Drawesome 2 Demo Video

Or you can learn more about Drawesome drawesome 2 logo  by clicking here

lars barnabee's drawesome 2 selection screen

⬆️ Slideshow Screen ⬆️

lars barnabee's drawesome 2 selection screen

⬆️ Slideshow User Interface on focus ⬆️

Just select a folder 📁 of images from your computer and you are good to start your slideshow drawesome 2 logo  Drawesome 2 drawesome 2 logo  works with the following image file types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .webp, or .gif using file types other than the one's listed will not show up in the slideshow. The slideshow screen will take up a small area of your screen, or more if you want to show larger sized images. This application does not connect to the internet in any way, so you can practice without Wi-Fi or internet.

lars barnabee's drawesome 2 screen hiding user interface

⬆️ Slideshow Screen (photo credit: Shlomi Platzman ) hide iconicon ⬆️

Drawesome 2 drawesome 2 logo  does not automatically update, so check here for future updates, when I release bug 🐛 fixes. Please only trust this site and my gumroad for downloading my app. Do not trust downloads of this app from other websites that are not "" aka "". Do not trust other people distributing this application. This application changes the text based on users native spoken language based on your operating systems locale. For example- If your computer has a locale of english, it would be something like "en", if your computers locale was japanese, it would be "ja". This functionality was a bit difficult to make, but I did this to help spread the love of drawing all around the world. I wonder if extra-terrestrials speak any of these languages....

License: You are free to use "Drawesome 2", but you may not distribute the application, installers, executables, etc. You may not claim that you created "Drawesome 2". You may not sell Drawesome to any person, entity, etc. I also want to thank "Twemojis" by ( because I use them in my Drawesome 2 drawesome 2 logo  application and Icons by ( Lars Barnabee LLC — 2022 — Copyright — All Rights Reserved

Drawesome 2 does not collect user data. I did not Code Sign Drawesome 2 drawesome 2 logo  Therefore your computer may warn you that this software did not come from an verified publisher. Please only trust downloads of this application from this website "" and no other websites. Do not trust other websites redistributing my application. When I say redistributing, I mean sending you the installers known as "setup.exe", "setup.dmg", or "setup.deb". Please feel free to tell others about my application and or share a link to this page.

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