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Drawesome Windows Install Steps using the Microsoft Edge Browser

👇Drawesome Windows Install Instructions *Opens in a new tab 👇
Drawesome Mac Install Instructions

I also have step-by-step instructions below here

After clicking the install link, your browser will download the installer. Follow the instructions below to install Drawesome 🎞️

step one

⬆️ Click the ellipses "..." aka the three dots ⬆️

step two

⬆️ Click Keep ⬆️

step three

⬆️ Click Show more ⬆️

step four

⬆️ Click Keep Anyway ⬆️

step five

⬆️ Click Open File ⬆️

step six

⬆️ Click More Info ⬆️

step seven

⬆️ Click Run Anyway to install Drawesome 🎞️ ⬆️

loading animated gif that says Installing...

⬆️ The loading animated gif will appear while Drawesome 🎞️ is installing ⬆️

step eight

⬆️ Drawesome 🎞️ will pop up and prompt you to choose a folder of images to use in the slideshow ⬆️

I apologize for all the steps it takes to install Drawesome 🎞️ This was due to the yearly high cost of code signing. You are safe as long as you download Drawesome 🎞️ from

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