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How to take breaks 🎬 from drawing ✍️

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How to take breaks from drawing

Taking a break from drawing to give you brain 🧠 a rest is crucial to improve at drawing. Breaks are also crucial for avoiding burnout 🤯 and being ready to draw again. Not all breaks are equal. Browsing the internet 🤳 reading books 📖 all make you think. Even watching some video or drawing for fun does not count as a break from drawing. Yes, you are probably taking breaks wrong.

Anything that makes you think puts stress on your thoughts. You may not even be aware of it. But know, that it won't give your brain a break to get back into the flow of drawing. How long has it been since you have been left alone with yourself. Now I have to admit that I have been guilty of not taking proper breaks, or not taking breaks at all.

Possibly, it could be extremely difficult to focus without being hit by constant stimulus. In our age, various social media, apps, have zapped ⚡ away our attention spans. What could be a thirty seconds alone with your thoughts, feels like an eternity of hell. I suggest picking up mindfullness training. Personally, I use Liferaft Medication for spacing my breaks. But you may ask yourself, when should I take a break?

I suggest you use the pomodoro 🍅 technique. What is it? It is when you space your practice into 25 minute drawing sessions, then a 5 minute break. Repeat the process for 2-3 times and then take a longer break around 15-20 minutes long. But beaware if you effective drawing times and structure this appropriately. Soon, you maybe able to draw without needing this. If you can enter the flow state of drawing. All in all, I suggest you read my article on the one page drawing plan to establish some structure around your drawing time.

I hope this article helps you realize that there is more to taking breaks than what you may think.

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