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Thumbtastic Mac Install Steps using the Safari Browser

👇Thumbtastic Mac Install Instructions *Opens in a new tab 👇
Thumbtastic Mac Install Instructions

I also have step-by-step instructions below here (FOLLOWS SAME STEPS AS INSTALLING DRAWESOME)

After you install the dmg, the application can be found in your Applications folder

Thumbtastic can be found in applications folder after install

⬆️ Thumbtastic 🖼️ is installed in the Applications folder on your Mac ⬆️

To open Thumbtastic 🖼️ you need to right click the application

left click mac app

⬆️ Problem: Left Clicking the installed Thumbtastic 🖼️ prevents you from opening it, so Right Click Thumbtastic 🖼️ ⬆️

right click mac app

⬆️ Step 1: Right click the Thumbtastic 🖼️ app then ⬆️

click open to open mac app

⬆️ Thumbtastic 🖼️ will pop up and prompt you to choose an image or a folder of images to view ⬆️

I apologize for all the steps it takes to install Thumbtastic 🖼️ This was due to the yearly high cost of code signing. You are safe as long as you download Thumbtastic 🖼️ from

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